Fashion films and documentaries to discover

Whether you are passionate about fashion or simply curious, films and documentaries about fashion are essential to understand an industry at the heart of our system, but also the message it sends out about our society.

There are many documentaries and films that immerse us in the buzzing world of fashion. From behind the scenes of major events, to the preparation of a fashion show, to the history of a style and a designer. If you want to know more about the industry and the history of the people who dress us, here are some examples to discover.

The First Monday In May

We start with the documentary of the most anticipated fashion event of the year: the Met Gala. We go behind the scenes of the preparation of the event with Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue and Andrew Bolton, president of the Met Gala. As a reminder, this event was originally a fundraiser to finance the Costume Institute department. The background has remained but the media attention is due to the guest list.

7 Days Out

This Netflix documentary series focuses on the seven days leading up to a major event. One episode is dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld during the preparation of the Chanel spring-summer 2018 haute couture show. We follow the artistic director and his team, but also the construction of the set under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, the fittings and the final touches. All the emotions flow, from stress to joy, from anecdotes to relief, we are immersed in the show !

Bill Cunningham New York

This documentary film follows the photographer through the streets of New York. An eccentric fashion columnist and friend of Anna Wintour, he constantly takes pictures of celebrities for the New York Times. Here we are immersed in the bustling New York of the 1990s. From its joys to its setbacks, this film plunges us into the era of Studio 54.

Fresh Dressed

This 2015 film tells the story of hip-hop fashion. From the genesis in the cotton fields to the streets of the Bronx, this film tells us how urban style came to be and what social messages it carries. From the streets to the catwalk, we see the rise of a style whose roots have been forgotten.

Le Jour d’avant by Loic Prigent

Loic Prigent is surely one of the most famous fashion journalists of our time. Le Jour d’avant is a series of short documentaries that present fashion designers in the whirlwind of the fashion shows up to D-day. He filmed the greatest, in moments of joy but also of extreme tension. These documentaries are as fascinating as they are instructive and should appeal to any fashion lover.

The True Cost

This film takes an environmental, social and psychological approach to the world of fashion. From the miserable working conditions to the ecological disasters it causes, we are shown the other side of the coin. This film sounds the alarm to make us take a different look at the fashion of overconsumption.

These films and documentaries shed light on a skill and a story, tell us untold anecdotes and plunge us into the intimacy of a character. They educate us and make us aware of the way we consume fashion. As viewers, we gain a better understanding of the fast-paced world around us.

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