BAGheera, a new way to consume luxury !

At a time when the fashion industry alone generates no less than 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases and when overconsumption abounds, the company BAGheera decided to face the current environmental challenges by creating a fresh, ecological, but above all economical brand !

Luxury and rental, two diametrically opposed worlds, but that Daphne and Alexis will end up uniting.

BAGheera, the first French application for renting luxury bags between individuals.

The goal ? To revolutionise the second-hand luxury market by offering a brand new alternative: renting. Thanks to the mobile application, enter a community where the most beautiful luxury bags are exchanged, choosing the one you want, when you want it!

In luxury, second hand is growing four times faster than new, proof of a change in the sector’s buyers. Among them, the young generation, a true consumer of second-hand luxury purchases and sensitive to the ecological cause, should represent 70% of its customers by 2025.

Thus, always with the idea of reducing the ecological impact of fashion on the planet, the founders of the brand have chosen the rental system in order to ensure its dear customers an access to the latest trends and the most beautiful pieces of luxury leather goods, without spending a fortune. The same goes for the owners of these little treasures who will not fail to make their luxury purchases profitable, without having to part with them permanently. A concept that privileges use over possession and encourages a virtuous circular consumption.

Staying stylish for any occasion by consuming better for a responsible fashion is now possible! The most popular brands and models, timeless and new; the selection of pieces is designed to meet all your desires! Dior, Chanel, Hermès, Céline, Balenciaga, Prada or Louis Vuitton, all the fashionistas’ favourite brands are here.

So how does it work ?

BAGheera offers different subscriptions giving its members access to a multitude of bags: €149 /month for a ‘Classic’ bag, €239 /month for an ‘Allure’ bag and €329 /month for a ‘Couture’ bag. The subscriptions are monthly, with no commitment, so you can enjoy the bag of your dreams for a month.

All bags are certified authentic. The BAGheera team relies on Entrupy’s artificial intelligence technology, developed within the LVMH start-up house, to fight against counterfeiting.

You have flashed on a bag and want to adopt it for a month ? Nothing could be easier! Once you have registered, choose the date you would like to receive your bag and the delivery method. You will be asked for a bank imprint and you will just have to validate your order! The bag will be delivered to your home in less than 48 hours.

Want to make your luxury bags profitable ? You have the possibility to propose your pieces to the BAGheera team: everything happens on the application! As a BAGheera member you can earn up to €190 per bag and per rental, a real return on investment and all this without any effort, BAGheera takes care of everything for you !

Fill in the form with the information about your bag, and you will receive an answer within a few days. If your bag meets the expectations of the community, it can be taken care of and put online on the application quickly after passing the quality control. Of course, a damage and theft service is included, so you can entrust your bag to the team with complete peace of mind.

To ensure the security of the BAGheera community, all users must submit a verification of their identity and bank details. A quick registration thanks to a trusted intermediary approved by the Banque de France, allowing to secure each rental.

In short, a concept in the air of time, a careful selection and a secure system to satisfy the fashion lovers. If your nights are filled with unattainable Timeless Chanel, Cagole by Balenciaga or Mini Jodie by Bottega Veneta, you have just found your Eldorado !

Don’t waste any more time, discover the catalogue of wonders offered by BAGheera right here.

BAGheera, the reference in luxury bag rental on the French market “Doing good by looking good”

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