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What to do about wearing a mask? Focus on the look, with extra black pigment around the eyes for example. There are several options: kohl for a naturally dark look, liner for a graphic look and dense eye shadow for a smoky look. The result is a shade that is more black than black to support the eyes and make them stand out. Daring, ladies and gentlemen!



Since the beginning of the pandemic, styling hair has become as complex as finding a needle in a haystack. Never before have the differences between men and women been so small, so the main trend is the disappearance of gender. One thing is clear: in the midst of the pandemic, teleworking and the need for change have influenced men in particular to choose to grow their hair. Keratin treatment, which is very popular with women, has also become a must-have for men. A changing mentality with less prejudice and a true idea of what equality is.



In these special times, the health of our hands is a priority. The aim is to avoid the drying effects of antiseptic gel. We recommend that you apply an ultra-rich nourishing and protective hand cream as soon as possible “more is less”. In addition, we must not forget that our hands are constantly exposed to external attacks, whether from pollution, the sun or the cold. Hand cream is what you need on a daily basis!

Do it yourself


Whether you have oily or dry skin, a beauty routine should be carried out at least two to three times a month. This ritual includes a homemade facial scrub, which removes dead skin cells and prevents pimples and blackheads. No matter what kind of person you are, whether it’s a first date or a daily skincare routine, you need to look your best.

Here’s our facial scrub recipe for everyone: Known to be thinner and more sensitive, women’s skin is not an isolated case. If your skin is red and dry from shaving, here’s a homemade scrub for you and your friends to enjoy together or on your own.

To create your recipe, you need sugar, coconut oil and a lemon. Mix everything together, place your scrub paste in a container and exfoliate. The sugar grains remove dead skin cells, the coconut oil moisturises the skin and the lemon brightens the complexion. A reminder: before exfoliating, remember to moisten your skin.

If you don’t, the scrub will be too abrasive. Exfoliating means making a series of small circular movements. Focus on the T-zone, which is the chin, nose and forehead, to remove dead skin cells. This is a recipe to adopt !

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