The challenges of fashion scenography

For several years, fashion shows have been closer to Hollywood productions than to the catwalk. Fashion scenography has become a real challenge for brands.

What is fashion scenography ?

The scenography of a fashion show is the communication of a brand. It consists in creating a universe around a designer’s collection and thus developing its impact for the spectator. The decor serves to promote the collection, to immerse the viewer in an immersive universe. It is the decor, the atmosphere, the lights and the smells that will invite the senses of the public to create an emotion and impact it.

The fashion scenography is used to establish the reputation of a house, just like the cruise shows, it is a tour de force. Since the fashion shows are digitalized and open to the public, the stakes are higher because the whole world can watch the show on its screen.

The scenography of a fashion show is as important as the garment itself. A fashion show is designed with as much care as a garment. In France, there are three seasoned set designers who share the sector : Alexandre de Betak with his agency Bureau Betak, Devi Sok and Olivier Massart.

The most grandiose fashion set designs

The French fashion house Chanel is undoubtedly the queen of fashion design. In Karl Lagerfeld’s time, the house never ceased to surprise and amaze the world. Indeed, Karl himself thought the decor in which his creations would parade. So we saw the models parade in the aisles of a supermarket, on a rocket launch pad or in an immaculate garden where the vegetation was made of paper.

Rem Koolhaas and his research and design firm AMO/OMA have been staging Prada shows for years. True to his style, the architect imagines futuristic and daring sets with clean lines but impactful. During the 2015 ready-to-wear show, Koolhaas signed a surrealist realization : a desert of purple dunes in which the models parade, a real tour de force for the house !

The storm of the house of Balenciaga is undoubtedly one of the most striking fashion shows of the year 2022. The models parade in a snowstorm, a glass bell out of time. Demna, the artistic director of the house sends a message about climate issues through this impactful scenography.

Do you think that scenography is essential during fashion shows ? If yes, share your experience with us on WhatsApp. If not, tell us why. We will share it on our social networks.

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