Connected beauty in 2023

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and the beauty world is following this trend. Since the end of the Covid, the phenomenon of connected beauty has emerged, with support and hyper-customisation at home.

What is connected beauty ?

This concept was born during the pandemic. All objects connected to an external application are called connected. This phenomenon will become a trend. Over the last two years, connected objects have appeared to make our lives easier.

The premises of this trend are applications that help us make decisions. You don’t know what haircut to get? Why dont you try a mobile application that uses virtual technology to show you what you could look like. Thanks to technological advances in the field, there are now connected objects in the shops.

The hyper-customisation of beauty

Connected beauty has two objectives: to improve the performance of cosmetics and to offer a new type of experience to the consumer. The skincare you do at home is now tailored to your skin and no one else’s. Products are created just for you and really effective for the type of use you want. For example, there are cleansing brushes for the face. If you have oily skin, some brushes are adapted to your skin to give you a more effective care than a normal brush that cleans all skin. The goal is hyper-precision.

As a consumer, we feel like we are getting truly personalised solutions to our problem. We are no longer lost in the mass of skincare products, but we now have our own personalised skincare !

Digital trends

Virtual reality applications of all kinds are very popular. Whether you want to try on make-up, a manicure or a tattoo, virtually of course, there is a choice. Customised skin cleansing with adapted brushes that go under water is very popular.

And finally, the must-have, the “Nespresso” of beauty. Some brands have started designing machines that create a personalised treatment per minute! After a quick skin diagnosis on the application, the machine makes you a mixture of various treatments for your skin.

It’s a revolution in the world of beauty! No need to leave your home and go to a beauty salon, the salon is coming to your home !

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