Does the carrot make you look good ?

The carrot is a vegetable that we find all year long on our shelves and it is not without reason. It has exceptional virtues for our skin and our body.

Properties of the carrot

Carrots are high in vitamins A, B and C, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants. Very popular with consumers for its beta-carotene, it promotes tanning of the skin and gives a tanned complexion. In addition to tanning, it helps fight against skin imperfections and rebalances oily skin, maintains the elasticity of the skin and protects against harmful UV. Its large panel of vitamins, makes it beneficial for our whole body.

As for the white, purple and yellow carrots, they do not have as many nutrients as the orange carrot, but they have different taste properties that we invite you to try.

How to enjoy the virtues of carrots ?

Carrots can be eaten whole, from the skin to the pulp and in all its forms. In juice, oil, soup, raw, cooked etc. it will seduce most people for a guaranteed healthy glow.

Its diuretic properties make it ideal for cleaning the kidneys and preventing water retention. Its role of natural appetite suppressant is an ally in your weight loss. Beta-carotene, present in very large quantities in carrots, protects eyesight through its concentration in vitamin A and delays skin aging by restoring elasticity.

2 anti-aging home-made masks with carrot

1/ Turmeric-carrot mask

Take ½ potato, a whole carrot and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Boil the carrot and turmeric until soft, then mash them to a smooth paste. Add the turmeric and mix. Once the mixture has cooled, apply to the entire face and neck, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse your face with cold water.

2/ Anti-wrinkle mask with carrot and egg yolk

Boil 1 carrot, then mash it to a smooth paste. Add an egg yolk to the cooled mixture and a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix everything together and apply to your face for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

The carrot is a vegetable within everyone’s reach whose scope of action is very wide. It is beneficial for the interior of your body, but also on the surface for your skin. An ingredient to consume without moderation !

Have you already tried carrots for your skin ? If yes, share your experience with us on WhatsApp. If not, tell us why. We will share it on our social networks.

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