Galerie du 19M, on the thread : embroidery and weaving

The art crafts are in the process of renewal. We invite you to the 19M, whose programme questions embroidery in relation to other artistic fields.

The revival of art crafts

More than ever, art crafts are at the heart of our heritage. In recent years, the fashion world has put them back in the spotlight. From French know-how to the wonders of the world, crafts are once again at the center of our concerns. Is it the global coronavirus crisis that has reconciled us with handmade projects ?

One thing is certain, celebrating crafts is celebrating a heritage and passing on know-how.

The 19M, a multidisciplinary place

The 19M project was born in January 2022, following the impulse of the Chanel house to regroup its crafts. It is dedicated to the creation and transmission of art crafts in dialogue with other forms of creation. The building was designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, who notably designed the MuCEM in Marseille.

The project is imagined as a whole wrapped in weaves of concrete threads inspired by vertical textile wefts. Luminosity was at the heart of the project, since these concrete threads constitute a solar mask that becomes denser according to its orientation and exposure.

The idea was to make the building a place to live and work. The spaces are modular, which allows for the specificities of each profession. This building is an architectural testimony to the excellence of the know-how it shelts. The 1200 m2 gallery is designed as an event space, which is also modular. It is a place of exhibition but also of exchange and sharing. The gallery welcomes all types of public.

The structure of the building is built around a garden with a wide variety of plants. There are beehives and nesting boxes. The idea was to build an independent ecosystem, a green setting in the city. The contrast between the geometry of the building and the abundance of the garden is striking.

The 19M brings together under the same roof the gallery and the residence, but also 11 art houses, the ERES house and a multidisciplinary gallery. This building therefore offers working conditions that are favourable to the development of the greatest number of people.

The residence

The residence is spread over 5 levels. The workshops have been designed to allow the residents the greatest possible space for creation and expression of their own creative universe and visual identity.

The artistic programme is conceived as a season. For several months, a story is woven around embroidery, involving residents but also young artists, guests and amateurs.

The collaboration of the public and professionals from different backgrounds makes 19M a unique place.

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