KODD Group’s identity evolves and becomes even more digital !

Since 2014, KODD Group has enjoyed international success thanks to you and its concept : New generation Media and Agency that advocates the know-how of actors from the fields of fashion, beauty and culture.

Today, KODD has more than 2,000 discoveries around the world with more than 5 million people in over 70 countries.

We are proud to present the new version of KODD Group with the release of eight websites more digitized, connected to each other and in the era of time !

The user experience is paramount in our strategy

Cover.kodd-magazine.com is fast, ergonomic and dynamic. Moreover, we offer an ultra responsive (mobile friendly) website, which is designed and developed to adapt to all screen resolutions.

It is therefore a single website that can be consulted on a computer, smartphone or tablet in order to discover the digital version of KODD magazine ! On KODD Cover, weekly, we show you a Cover with an editorial in addition to our exclusive discoveries.

In order to navigate with complete peace of mind, security is maximised while respecting the RGPD. As for our graphic charter, it has been optimised. “Less is more” is the term that could define it. Our visual identity is more refined and minimalist.

Not to mention, our weapon of war, the natural referencing (SEO), is improved for lead generation. Indeed, the biggest news is that each of the KODD Group’s brand sites, eight websites in all, are now linked together to achieve even better SEO !

Experience KODD from anywhere in the world via our new platform at Cover.kodd-magazine.com and our seven other websites.

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