Making your own artisanal cosmetics

We are looking for more naturalness in our products, so why not make them ourselves ? Making your own homemade cosmetics is easier than it looks and within everyone’s reach !

Why make your own cosmetics ?

Making your own cosmetics means controlling what is in them and what you apply to your skin. Like laboratory products, which do not include the long list of ingredients, making your own cosmetics requires few products, little time and money !

It’s also a way to tailor your skin care to your needs. Since you control the ingredients in your cosmetics, you can change the active ingredients in them to suit your needs. With the same number of ingredients, it is possible to create various products, which is very ecological and economical.

The essential ingredients to make your home cosmetics

The number one rule for homemade cosmetics is to select the right ingredients. Choose organic and natural ingredients that can be used to make different products.

Each preparation requires a neutral base, free of perfumes and dyes such as vegetable oils, vegetable butters, clay, etc. If you use essential oils, ask a professional for advice beforehand to avoid any irritation or allergies. Containers should be airtight and kept free from dust and mould.

Homemade cosmetics require a lot of care. Hygiene rules must be observed. Always wash your hands well and wear gloves, disinfect all preparation equipment and do not hesitate to boil utensils if necessary. Once the ingredients have been opened, always keep them in a cool place and do not exceed the expiry date. If you have any doubts about an ingredient, throw it out! It is better to buy it again than to risk an allergy.

Once your cosmetic is ready, don’t forget to date it and store it in a good place.

Moisturising Body Balm Recipe

For 100 ml of balm, you need 25g of shea butter, 25g of mango butter, 30g of coconut oil, between 5 and 10 drops of essential oil of your choice and 5 drops of preservative.

1/ Once your work surface and utensils are clean, melt the vegetable butters and coconut oil together in a double boiler until you have a homogeneous texture.

2/ Allow to cool before adding the essential oils and the preservative

3/ Pour into an airtight jar and use until the product expires.

Making your own cosmetics is an economical and natural alternative. Nevertheless, it is important to know the rules of hygiene and the ingredients you use for your products. Do not hesitate to consult a professional in the sector for more questions and recommendations.

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