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Mohammed Hindash is an artist born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He started out as a painter and YouTuber, reaching over 68 million views with 1.7 million subscribers. Considered one of the industry’s most prominent makeup artists, the beauty mogul traces his entire artistic journey from portraits to beauty photography to the recent creation of his eponymous brand, Hindash, his most complex masterpiece. Discover it on Hindash.com



In each bottle, describing an element of the sensational memory of the night ahead, Pigmentarium creates a sophisticated selection of precious raw materials and exquisite essential oils that formulate a seductive sense of romance. Pigmentarium is a perfume house, founded in 2018 by creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub Florian Hiermann, that presents a kaleidoscope of fragrances with an emphasis on fine raw materials and essential oils of the highest quality. Discover it on Pigmentarium.com



CBD has a real therapeutic dimension and is increasingly used for medical purposes, like its original plant, cannabis. The advantage of CBD is that it offers the clinical aspects of the plant without its negative points. For example, CBD is highly recommended for soothing, calming and relaxing the body in the face of illnesses such as cancer or Parkinson’s. This also applies to skin diseases. An application of cibdol CBD can effectively combat persistent skin problems, such as acne or psoriasis. Discover it on Cibdol.com



To fight the spread of viruses, it is very important to apply the first barrier action by washing your hands frequently. But this must not compromise the health of the skin. However, using products that are too detergent can dry out and weaken your skin. That’s why Gaiia has created GOA for hands, a cold-saponified soap that is super-supergreasy and has an anti-viral action. Like all Gaiia soaps, GOA Hand is made with organic vegetable oils and butters. Discover it on Gaiia-shop.com

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kodd group


  • Retour sur 2 semaines de mode parisienne haute-couture et masculineRetour sur 2 semaines de mode parisienne haute-couture et masculine
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  • Nadia Chellaoui Printemps/Été 2023Nadia Chellaoui Printemps/Été 2023
     L’artiste et maroquinière Nadia Chellaoui présente le lookbook de sa collection FW23, inspirée de son pays et de ses souvenirs d’enfance. Dévorée par sa passion et sa créativité, elle est…
  • Musier dévoile sa collection Printemps/ Été 2023Musier dévoile sa collection Printemps/ Été 2023
    Musier dévoile sa toute dernière collection été, celle qu’a imaginée Anne-Laure pour les meilleurs moments d’été. Robes intemporelles pour être sexy et inoubliables en même temps, c’est la définition même…
  • Valentine Witmeur Lab, Automne/Hiver 2022Valentine Witmeur Lab, Automne/Hiver 2022
    Saison après saison, la volonté de Valentine Witmeur Lab est de développer des collections qui offrent une garde-robe complète en maille, une garde-robe qui peut être portée de jour comme…
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