The new fashion capitals

Although it is difficult to compete with the 4 fashion capitals Paris, New York, Milan and London, new cities are standing out and progressively gaining ground. Focus on these new fashion capitals.

Fashion evolves because customers change. A world shared between 4 major cities that will soon be joined by new capitals ! These cities are imposing their style and their creative process in a fashion world that is not so closed.


Berlin has always been an underestimated city because it has no historical record in fashion. Berlin is home to the highest concentration of fashion companies in Germany. An unpretentious and eclectic capital, we approach a cool, elegant, personal and surprising street style.

During its fashion week, Berlin focuses on sustainable fashion and technology. It is a city that aims to make its mark in green fashion by promoting sustainable creations. A concept that seduces buyers from all over the world and makes Berlin perhaps the fashion capital of tomorrow.


Environmental issues are at the heart of the Danish capital’s concerns. With a fashion week that is considered the greenest in the world, Copenhagen is ahead of the curve in the sector, giving its fashion houses a prominent place on the international scene.

Ganni, Cecilie Behnsen or Rotate Birger Christensen are brands whose fame has gone beyond the Danish border. Like the great fashion capitals, Copenhagen has understood the importance of the ecological transition and has a head start.


Like Copenhagen, Stockholm has long since taken the lead in sustainable and ecological fashion. The capital of design, sleek and minimalist, the Nordic style is sought after by the public and is unanimously accepted. The Swedish street style is depicted in magazines all over the world and makes the fame of brands like Acné Studio or Tiger of Sweden.


Long known as the capital of the automobile, Detroit, along with Los Angeles and Brooklyn, is taking a slice of the fashion sphere cake. Under the influence of Gen Z, the workwear brand Carhartt has been a real success in recent years. A raw and industrial style that pleases the public. This is reflected in the success of the city, with luxury brands setting up shop in the heart of the city.

Although world fashion revolves around 4 major cities, new capitals are making their appearance and imposing themselves. These cities are in line with the ecological and stylistic challenges of tomorrow and correspond to a new generation of consumers who care about what they buy.

Are you for or against the rise of the new fashion capitals ? If so, share your experience with us on WhatsApp. If not, tell us why. We will share it on our social networks.

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