The new promotional films of the fashion world

The fashion world is creating more and more promotional films. Calling upon renowned directors, zoom on the new promotional films of the fashion world.

Commercial productions

Over the last ten years, the video format has taken over from paper communication. It is a format that allows for long-term communication, unlike traditional media. Brands have realized the importance of video and, like everything else in the fashion world, are vying for the latest directors and actors for their promotional films.

These short films are created for reputational and advertising purposes, even being presented at dedicated festivals. It is a powerful communication tool that allows a house to establish its style while showcasing its latest collection.

According to the formula of Coco Chanel “Fashion goes out of fashion, style remains”. A valid formula for these short films, “fashion goes out of fashion, the short film remains”. The filmic format brings an idea of timelessness and timelessness promoted by luxury brands.

Film productions

Brands have embarked on the production of flamboyant films directed by famous directors and actors.

The British brand, Burberry, is one of the forerunners of this medium. Two years ago, the brand unveiled a 3-minute biographical film about its creator Thomas Burberry, directed by Academy Award winner Asif Kapadia. This short film is imagined as a trailer. In 3 minutes rest all the history of the house Burberry and its codes.

Recently, it is the film “Burberry Night Creatures” which stages the new collection of the brand. In association with the dance collective La Horde and Megaforce, Burberry signs a short film of science fiction as moving as captivating. There are also “Open Space” and “Festive”, two other promotional films made with the La Horde collective, which were a resounding success.

“A Therapy” is the most famous short film of the Prada brand. Directed by Roman Polanski, it features Helena Bonham in therapy with her shrink Ben Kingsley. This 3 minutes film has for conclusion “Prada Suits Everyone”. Indeed, the psychologist tries on the fur coat of his rich client while she complains about her problems on the sofa and feels good in it.

The brand is a regular of the geniuses of the cinema, from Wes Anderson with “Castello Cavalenti” to “The Laundromat” played by Ellen Jamison and directed by Autumn de Wilde, Prada has a foot in the cinema !

Even the mass market is getting involved. For its spring/summer 2022 campaign, H&M unveils “Hotel Hennes”, a 3-minute film directed by Bardia Zenali, featuring Gigi Hadid as a receptionist in a colorful hotel.

Today, brands prefer to invest in the production of a promotional film rather than a poster campaign and press ads. This more durable format ensures a great advertising coup !

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