The second-hand market : reality and illusions

Today, more than one in two French people buy second-hand products. Between good deals and overconsumption of the second-hand market, where is the right balance?

Second-hand, a real trend

Whether it is for ecological reasons, to find The rare item or to bargain, the second-hand market appeals to everyone wallets. It seduces by its attractiveness, by the idea that we are making a good deal, and inflates our self-satisfaction, because we have done a good deed. Indeed, a garment bought second hand is a garment that will not be produced a second time.

This is an evolution that is constantly growing. Some online second hand resale platforms estimate that they will experience a 100% growth from one year to the next according to Fashionnetwork. A trend that has attracted new customers who are consolidating the solid base of reuse enthusiasts.

The business of Second-hand

The second-hand market is no longer a trend, it has become a distinct mode of consumption. It has become a way of life and is worth more than 7 billion euros in France. Many brands have understood this trend and are entering the loop to get a piece of the cake.

The coronavirus has accentuated the whole second-hand trend. Online sites such as Leboncoin, Vinted and Vestiaire Collective have been growing rapidly. But since the trend is well established, there is stiff competition to get ahead.

Take the example of the Britney Market, an internet-based event founded by Juliette Rocheteau. She came up with the idea of this market with the theme of the 2000s. When the trend exploded, she couldn’t find anything in shops or on the web to meet her expectations. So she created this monthly event that brings together vintage fans of the decade and it’s a huge success!

Buying second-hand does not mean consuming less

Although it is a good thing for our planet, it is not an excuse for over-consumption, which has become more and more common in the second-hand market. And unfortunately, such consumption is not limited to fashion. Phone resale brands, such as Back Market or Cdiscount, are constantly inviting us to buy a refurbished phone, even though we don’t necessarily need it. Whether it’s new or refurbished, it’s still a purchase!

Above all, it’s the buying behaviour that needs to change in order to change our consumption habits!

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