Sell at the market or online, a never-ending battle

Trade has changed a lot in the last few years… Selling, which started on the markets, has evolved to the internet. The battle of selling at the market or online is more than ever actual.

Selling at the market

Going to the market is a cultural activity. You discover new products, special smells… You go to the market for the human contact, for the atmosphere, for the coffee at lunchtime. The market is the central place of life in a village.

As a trader, selling at the market can be a lucrative activity but requires some preparation. This profession is open to everyone, as it does not require a diploma or training. All you need is to enjoy human contact and to be a good salesperson. You need a good location and a merchant’s card to be able to work legally.

However, there are some negative points ! You have to put up with cold and bad weather if you live in a western country. It is also necessary to save money because you have no fixed income. The main reason : the winter months are very difficult for street vendors. For the love of the job, you don’t count the hours, you stay up all day. As a salesperson, you are the added value of your business, your success will depend on your salesmanship.

Selling online

Surprisingly, online, you sell products on a “marketplace”. Often these services are subscription-based, allowing the buyer to pay and be delivered. The best known platforms in the business are Amazon, eBay, Fnac and the latest record-breaker, Shopify.

In 2022, according to a Mirakl study, more than 35% of French people have made purchases online. 63% say that selling online is the most convenient way to shop.
Experts predict that these figures will increase in the coming years as we are more and more at home, and want everything, right away and quickly, it’s the Amazon phenomenon !

The disadvantages of this means of sale are the competition. The market is so saturated with offers that you have to find added value. On a marketplace like Cdiscount or Rakuten, many players sell the same products as you, so what makes you different from them ?

The arrival of platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and more recently Squarespace, allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition by bringing your own visual identity for example. With these platforms, you can easily customise your website without the need to hire a professional.

Selling at the market or online, which is better ?

From a merchant’s point of view, selling online gives you security and a very wide field of communication. While selling at the market means preserving and developing human contact, you really build customer loyalty. Nevertheless, your activity does not guarantee you a monthly profitability and your communication possibilities are reduced.

Moreover, from an ecological point of view, buying at the market means taking the time to choose your product and discuss it with the shopkeeper, whereas buying online can be over-consumption. You don’t necessarily know where the product comes from or under what conditions it was produced.

Depending on your values, we recommend that you choose what suits you. If you are a professional, carrying out a market study will help you decide. If you are an individual, don’t hesitate to look at customer reviews and why not contact the online merchant ? You are free to make the right choice !

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