Valentine’s Day trends

Valentine’s Day is not only about lingerie and chocolates. Zoom in on the trends for this Valentine’s Day 2023.

For a long time, this holiday was considered commercial. But after many years of disgrace, it is starting to come back in popularity. Celebrating Valentine’s Day, for some, is about promoting love. You don’t have to be a couple to celebrate this holiday ! What matters is to please yourself or your partner.

2 trends for Valentine’s Day

The world is changing and so are our mentalities. Our needs are now centered on self-love, self-expression and little touches. Gifts that focus on self-care, romance and sustainability are the trends for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

1/ Focus on sustainability and the environment: we want to receive thoughtful and practical gifts that can include other considerations such as sustainability and environmental issues. While a bouquet of flowers is nice, it will fade by the end of the week. Whereas a gift that lasts over time will be of real use to the person you are giving it to !

2/ Self-love: although Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates lovers, it is above all a celebration of love. Today we want to provide for ourselves and take care of ourselves with our own love. Giving yourself a gift can help reduce anxiety and build confidence. It is important to treat yourself because you deserve it.

Valentine’s Day in the world of fashion

February 14th is an opportunity for brands to use their creativity and imagination to make you live Valentine’s Day through their universe. They sign innovative capsule collections and reinterpret their own definition of love.

Valentine’s Day fashion is like a declaration of love. We are immersed in passion, it twirls in all directions ! Love is worn, it is covered with hearts, kisses, and tender words. It’s not just a seasonal trend because there are many occasions to celebrate love.

Valentine’s Day with Nadia Chellaoui

For Valentine’s Day, leatherworker and painter Nadia Chellaoui unveils three new bags in a romantic and glamorous capsule.

The BABY ANN’AH model is available in three different versions. Sequins or velvet, red or purple, each of these bags is the perfect accessory to bring a touch of color and elegance to your February 14 outfit.

Valentine’s Day celebrates above all the love, of the other but mainly the love of oneself ! We must love ourselves before we can love others. Don’t hesitate to spoil yourself this February 14th.

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